The 7th NCDA Webinar for Coach Developers

15 Dec 2020


The 7th NCDA Webinar for Coach Developers

Nippon Sport Science University Coach Developer Academy (NCDA) hold “NCDA Webinar for Coach Developer” on a periodic basis.
Our Alumni and the other experts will provide their expertise on the webinar.

Women in coaching, as in other areas of life, are significantly underrepresented. Great programs and initiatives to address these shortcomings are often thwarted by real-world implementation and cultural issues.

This webinar will provide two short overviews of initiatives from Australia and Japan aimed at promoting a greater uptake of women into performance coaching. Both programs highlight the importance of the participating coaches having a greater voice, making more choices and feeling a sense of agency in their day-to-day work.

The webinar will explore ideas aimed at bringing about the cultural change that is at the heart of providing a workplace where female coaches feel valued and supported – a workplace where female coaches can make a positive contribution to the athletes they work with.

Two coaches from the Australian and Japanese programs will share their thoughts on what makes for a more friendly and supportive work environment and what a reimagined workplace might look like.

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When: Friday, 18 December, 2020 at 6:00 am in Japan time.

John Bales, President of International Council for Coaching Excellence
Gene Schembri: Director of Kaiwa Consulting
Masamitsu Ito, Professor of Nippon Sport Science University, Deputy Director of NCDA

Participation in the Webinar is free.

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NSSU Coach Developer Academy Office