【Cambodia】Junior Youth Soccer Festa 2016 In Cambodia

【Cambodia】Junior Youth Soccer Festa 2016 In Cambodia1
【Cambodia】Junior Youth Soccer Festa 2016 In Cambodia2
【Cambodia】Junior Youth Soccer Festa 2016 In Cambodia3
【Cambodia】Junior Youth Soccer Festa 2016 In Cambodia4

A football tournament was held for Cambodian boys and girls. The level of football in Cambodia is low; women's football in particular is not very popular. We aimed to advance a culture of sport in Cambodia, promote human education of boys and girls through football, enhance momentum for gender equality and help sports exchanges with Japan.

League games were played and football clinics were held at the Kandal Province Football Field in the Kingdom of Cambodia for six days by four club teams of boys (16 and under) and girls (17 and under). In addition, football classes and physical strength measurements were conducted for children around the age of 10. Players competed with sportsmanship and also showed enthusiasm as supporters. In addition, there were exchanges with the student staff from Japan, and the event ended as a success.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

1) MERC players who won the women 's division ⇒ “I'm glad I played football. I hope that parents who are always angry with girls for playing football might support me.” 2) Children who took part in the football clinics ⇒ “It was the first time that someone taught me football properly and it was fun.” 3) Kandal Province Department of Education ⇒ “We are grateful to have a football tournament for Kandal Province and we hope that it is held again.”

Time Period
August 22 to 27, 2016
Kingdom of Cambodia
Sport/Programme Category
Football (boys, girls)
NGO Education Research Center
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approximately 2000 people in total (actual number about 300 people) (breakdown: total about 2,000 people in Kingdom of Cambodia)