【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta

【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta1
【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta2
【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta3
【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta4
【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta5
【Malaysia】Parasports Promotion at Comic Fiesta6

We exhibited at the Japan Festival, which attracts the largest number of customers in East Asia, and appealed to young people in Southeast Asia who like a subculture.

We screened “Be The Hero,” which is a promotion and enlightenment project for parasports, and SFT videos at booths and large stages, and received applause from the audience.
Local university students stood at the booth to explain the project and distributed 600 booklets and 500 SFT leaflets. Some local educators wanted to join the SFT Consortium. The programs “Be The Hero” and “Sport for Tomorrow” promoted by Japan have been highly evaluated in Asia, and continuous promotion activities are expected.

See below for the Japanese version.

マレーシアComic Festaにおける障害者スポーツの普及と啓発事業

Feedback from Organizer :

A local 17-year-old young man with artificial limbs visited the booth and complained about the situation of artificial limbs in his own country (Malaysia), which relies on imports. I was deeply moved by the story that it is impossible to become an athlete in a country where people with disabilities are not well understood.

Time Period
17th and 18th Dec., 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sport/Programme Category
NPO Japan Manga Anime Tokiwaso Forum
The Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
9,500 people
(Malaysia 9,500 people, Japan 500 people)