【Laos】Support for Sports Equipment

【Laos】Support for Sports Equipment1
【Laos】Support for Sports Equipment2
【Laos】Support for Sports Equipment3

This is a project to help improve the environment for sports by delivering sports equipment to children who cannot access sports due to a lack of supplies. We provided support for sports equipment to Laos.
The Hoshino Dreams Project supports young people not only in Japan but also around the world and provided support for sports equipment to Laos.

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from Salavan Province Huaira Junior High School Manager:
I have been assigned to help educate rural children of ethnic minorities. There was no electricity, and the environment was completely different from that of schools in the city, so I was often confused, but with the support of various Japanese people, I am doing my best in school activities with my students. The students are delighted with the supplies provided by the Hoshino Dreams Project.

Comments from Ms. Chantala Boutthavong, Deputy Director, Association for Community Development (ACD):
In some cases, ethnic minority schools in South Laos have insufficient teaching materials and exercise equipment, and their educational budgets are so small that they have nothing to do without external support. I really appreciate the support of the Hoshino Dreams Project. We hope that many children in Salavan Province will continue to have the opportunity to exercise.

Time Period
1st to 30th Nov., 2016
Asian Education and Friendship Association
Leifras Co., Ltd.
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
800 people