Interacting with Canadian Children through Football

Interacting with Canadian Children through Football1
Interacting with Canadian Children through Football2
Interacting with Canadian Children through Football3

Since Canada is an immigrant nation, we are working to expand the joy of cross-cultural exchange and exercise through sports exchanges without relying on verbal communication. For children aged 2 to 4 years old, a soccer trial exercise was performed with parents as if playing a game using a ball.

Before the event, there were cases where parents did not understand the significance of this project, but they became accustomed to the ball, became interested in soccer, and enjoyed the cross-cultural exchange. Having parents participate in sports, led to an understanding of the importance of fostering a global sense through sports for parents and children.

See below for the Japanese version.


Feedback from Organizer :

It was good that children were allowed not only to enjoy playing with balls, but also parents and children to enjoy sports and to have international exchanges.

Time Period
18th Sep., 2017
Vancouver, Canada
Sport/Programme Category
GDI Communications Inc.
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Nakamura Manto
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
15 people